What if Buddy Holly Didn’t Die?

If Buddy Holly never died Gary Busey would have never been famous

After reading this interesting alternate history where there wasn’t a plane crash and Buddy Holly never died we got to thinking of our own scenarios. Remember when Marty McFly started to disappear because history was altered?  Try to imagine a world where Buddy Holly lived past his 22nd birthday.

Would the Beatles have ever become popular?

The artists of the British Invasion grew up on Buddy’s music, it is more likely that the Beatles would have even been more popular if Buddy Holly was around to mentor them.

How would Buddy have adopted to the music revolution of the late 60’s?  

It is most likely Buddy would have joined the country scene of Waylon, Christopherson, Willie, Johnny, Merle, and Glen.  Buddy probably would have been able to lead a country charge against the Beach Boys, Hendrix and the Beatles.

How would the 70’s change?

The 1970’s would have flourished musically with Buddy around.  He would have teamed up  with good friend Paul McCartney to lead this new era of rock and roll.  Things like Disco and Gary Busey would have happened.  Elvis would have never gotten fat and Don McClean would have written his famous song about the day the film industry died.

How would the 80’s change?

1980 would have come and went, President Holly and Vice President Reagan would lead charge for peace in the middle east, and Buddy would have personally written the national anthem for the sovereign country of Iraq.  America would be strong, cars would be big and gas would be $.45 a gallon.  The Japanese would have never invented the compact disc and guys like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would have gotten jobs in the flourishing textile industry.

Buddy gave the world joy and sense of stability.  Without him the world stumbled, fell, got up and fell again.  With him we may not have ever stumbled and who knows if that is a good thing or bad thing?

How do you think the world would have changed if Buddy was still around?




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