Western Ave, 1980

The year is 1908, err.. 1980, and the cold war is at its peak. Beverly Records has been in a fierce battle with Beverly Costumes over parking rights on 116th street. Back in 1980 we settled the score a little differently than how we do these days.

Yep, a good ole fashioned bowling tournament at Evergreen Towers. ¬†Bowling in 1980 took skill, you had to drink beer out of a can with a tab while staying just sober enough to not make any math mistakes on the manual scorer’s table.

Luckily this footage was saved. So grab some corn and have a look at life in Beverly in 1980. We went ahead and overdubbed most of the footage in Spanish for your convenience.

Check out Jack’s purple with wood trim ’77 Volare station wagon in the background.


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