Let’s Get Argus into Sox Park!

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When we heard about this article that local craft beers will now be available at the Cell, we thought “What better way to watch the Sox than with an Argus!” South side ball + South Side brewery = Roof Top Shot.  We opened and read it to the end. Our favorite brewery and beer in the world, Argus was snubbed! Or maybe they didn’t apply, who knows… makes no difference.

We still like the idea of drinking an Argus and watching the Sox.  Help us read our goal of 100 signatures by April 30 by signing the petition above.  We will then send the list to the White Sox for their consideration.


The Argus Brewery is located at 113th and Front Street in Roseland in an old Schlitz beer stable.  How South Side is that? They offer tasting tours for 10 bucks and you even walk out with a free glass.

To say Argus is good is an understatement. Old “30 pack of Strohs” Jack hates craft beer but actually likes Argus. If the White Sox don’t listen, you can always get our favorite craft beer at The Meijer on 91st st and just bring a 6er with you and drink in the parking lot…

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