Southside Brew & View for Special Olympics

“Record Store Day” week will kick off once again at our favorite bar, The Rock Island Public House- Blue Island. TheRIPH will be hosting a showing of the official movie of Record Store Day 2015, Records Collecting Dust, …a documentary film about the music and records that changed all of our lives. This is also a great opportunity raise money and awareness for Special Olympics – Illinois. So in lieu of ticket sales we will be collecting donations at the door, 100% of which will be given to Special Olympics.

Written and directed by San Diego based musician and filmmaker Jason Blackmore, Records Collecting Dust documents the vinyl record collections, origins, and holy grails of alternative music icons Jello Biafra, Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, John Reis, and over thirty other underground music comrades.

And what better venue for the underground music scene than The Rock Island Public House?  In it’s very short short time on earth, TheRIPH has become the South Side’s official tap room for craft beers from across the Region.

On Thursday April 16, at 8:00 PM they will clear out the tables, and transform this formal civil war era flour mill/tap room, into a movie theater for vinyl junkies like all of us.

100% of the door collection will be donated to Special Olympics -Illinois. so bring some extra cash for the kids.

Records Collecting Dust Official Showing
Brew & View for Special Olympics
The Rock Island Public House
Thursday, April 16 – 8:00 PM
13328 Old Western Ave, Blue Island

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