Your CD Collection is At Risk


This is what a 30 Year old CD Looks Like, Click to see the degradation

A DJs nightmare usually wakes us up in a cold sweat.  In fact, I have a recurring night terror of being booked in two places at once. I even get a little edgy on a Saturday night when I am not out spinning. “Did I forget my gig?” “Shit the phone is ringing!”

My worst nightmare however is having a packed dance floor and the record skips. I have been spinning since the early 90’s so I know the value of a good plan B.

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What if Buddy Holly Didn’t Die?

If Buddy Holly never died Gary Busey would have never been famous

After reading this interesting alternate history where there wasn’t a plane crash and Buddy Holly never died we got to thinking of our own scenarios. Remember when Marty McFly started to disappear because history was altered?  Try to imagine a world where Buddy Holly lived past his 22nd birthday.

Would the Beatles have ever become popular?

The artists of the British Invasion grew up on Buddy’s music, it is more likely that the Beatles would have even been more popular if Buddy Holly was around to mentor them.

How would Buddy have adopted to the music revolution of the late 60’s?  

It is most likely Buddy would have joined the country scene of Waylon, Christopherson, Willie, Johnny, Merle, and Glen.  Buddy probably would have been able to lead a country charge against the Beach Boys, Hendrix and the Beatles.

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