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RSD Overstock

Best Record Store Day Ever
But we have stuff left!

Thank you everyone for making Record Store Day 2014 our best one day sale ever!  We can not do this without your support and we sincerely appreciate your support.  The good news is for those who could not make it out, we still have a few items left.  Check out our online overstock here or stop by!

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Beverly Records Welcomes Wail’n Waylon

wayln-waylon-2009-finalGood customer “Midlothian Scotty” has been coming to Beverly Records since the late 70s. He was always a big fan of Samantha Fox, in fact we kept an entire bin of Samantha Fox collectors items around just for him to browse. But no one, not even Scotty had any idea what would happen to him on that February day back in 2002.

From my pen to God’s ears he was wakened from a deep sleep with a premonition of Waylon Jennings’ passing. The force of this mysterious power took over his body and some say he received the Mighty Waylon’s spirit.  Like anybody, Scotty was a fan of Outlaw Country but didn’t really understand it.  When Waylon died, everything changed. He not only understood Outlaw Country he began to live it.

Scotty soon grew his hair like those people in Dallas, threw on a cowboy hat and there he was, a spitting image of Midnight Country himself.  He also found his voice, a voice none would argue sounds like Waylon Jennings.  Wail’n soon started making the karaoke circuit in the south suburbs and even has his gold microphone behind the bar at Dan D Jacks in Orland Hills ready to go whenever he get the notion to sing.

One night back in 2005 I was out drinking with Wail’n on the North Side at a bar called Howl at the Moon.  The place was packed, far more people than Wail’n was used to playing on stage for at Mickadoon’s.  Wail’n had no intent to upstage the piano duo performing for the hundreds in attendance.  But the crowd was buzzing and started to gather around, getting autographs, snapping selfies, and shaking hands with Wail’n.  Soon the piano duo took notice and invited not Wail’n on stage but the Legendary Waylon Jennings on stage.

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B-Y-O-V Record Store Day After Party

Fellow vinyl nuts, the Rock Island Public House in Blue Island is hosting a Record Store Day After party Saturday NIght, April 19th.  DJs will be on hand spinning wax till the early morning.  Festivities start at 8:00 PM

Drink for a discount

When you bring in a receipt from ANY record store dated April 19th you will receive $1.00 off your drink.


The DJs at the RIPH not only take requests, THEY PLAY YOUR RECORDS!.  Bring Your Own Vinyl and the DJs may play your selections. Of course music from your collection is limited to only good stuff, so there’s that…

We will all be worn out from a hard day of browsing so what better place to relax then a night out with the Record Store Day faithful. See you at 8!

The Rock Island Public House is conveniently located at :

13328 Olde Western Ave
Blue Island, Ill. 60406

RSD Sleepers | Donny Hathaway

Before there was social media there were social clubs and before fellow South Sider Donny Hathaway recorded his holiday classic “This Christmas,” there was Donny Hathaway Live at The Bitter End.

Just listening to this album will put you right there on a foggy 1972
Bleeker Street night.  As you make your way to the door down a cracked and broken sidewalk you hear the band through the brick facade and smell the “smoke” as you enter this now iconic stage.  You pull up a seat at a cocktail table lit by red crystal candlelight, order a Schlitz and look down by the stage. The dance floor is packed, everyone dressed to the nines and you try your best to remember every minute because you know you are experiencing history.

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RSD Sleepers | Frightened Rabbit

418455874787OK it happens, not everyone can be like Matt and find exactly what you are looking for on Record Store Day.  But let’s give Matt his due, we usually find him camped out by the front door when we close up the Friday Night before RSD.

As you browse and notice all the good stuff long gone you may notice a few artists you have never heard of before.  One of those may be Frightened Rabbit an indie band making it’s way up though old fashioned gigs and late Glasgow nights.  Better than that they know the value of vinyl releases.  We highly recommend Frightened Rabbit Live at Criminal Records LP recorded in a record shop in Atlanta. This hard hitting authentic rock band takes you back to the 80’s British invasion sound without sounding retro.  It’s kinda like listening to U2 back in 1981.

Check out this video and see for yourself.  Frightened Rabbit may be your next favorite record of 2014.

Sidenote: On the topic of great Glasgow bands one to look for while flipping through if you come across anything from Glasvegas, do yourself a favor and buy it!



What are you doing RSD?

Record Store Day has been a huge success over the past 7 years.  It is hard to imagine that the little flyer and poster we got in the mail back in 2007 was a pre-cursor to this international celebration we all treasure.

But even RSD has it’s critics. About two years ago we started to see common dollar records being released as 180g restored classics priced at $34.99.  The pinnacle of ridiculous  was the RSD exclusive release of “the Gambler.” “If we haven’t sold a Kenny Rogers album all year for $5.98, why? or better, who? is going to pay $34.99?” We asked ourselves. The critics grabbed hold of these reissued common classics to prove their point that the vinyl revival
had run its course.

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An RSD Exclusive!

peanuts tuntablepeanuts tuntable2


We always wanted one of these Charlie Brown record players when they first came out. Didn’t get one, but that was the 80s way. Kids never got what they wanted back then. I specifically remember being 10 years old and walking into the Toys-R-Us and seeing this marvelous creation in front of my eyes with a price tag of, gulp.. $32.99.  I pointed out to my Dad. He looked at it, looked at the price, then looked at me and told me to “Get a job.”

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