Record Store Day Bike Route Pt. II

Beverly Records is always trying to take care of our biking vinyl lovers. In fact, our recent post about biking to Record Store Day received more attention than we ever though possible. Jack even thought it was good!

The only complaint was; Why did we make the route so short? Well if you don’t have much to do after you pick up the latest Bee Gees 12″ or Foo Fighters new album then this is the route home for you.

Biking around Beverly and Morgan Park during the spring is a spectacular way to spend a Saturday. #alliteration  This route for Record Store Day starts at the 119th St Metra Stop heading west on 119th st will take you past the mid century home of Al Capone’s driver. The house is for sale BTW and rumor has it, there is an escape tunnel that leads to the house next door in case The Fuzz shows up…

bike rackOnce you get to our home on Western Ave, you will find plenty of bike parking on our popular rack and street light. We will have candy, snacks, refreshments and even some live entertainment so we encourage you to spend a few hours with us on Saturday April 18.

If you are like us and prefer to take the long way home, continue on our bike route to the campus of Morgan Park Academy. This beautiful high school was almost home to the University of Chicago, The University founder, John D. Rockefeller loved the Morgan Park area so much that it came down to coin flip as to where he would locate the University.  The coin flip ended very well for Hyde Park and Morgan Park got to keep our open spaces.
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Walter Burley Griffin | An Historic Review of Beverly Homes

walter burley griffinDo you remember Richard Dotson? If you grew up on the South Side the answer is, “Duh…, Yeah!” but ask anyone else and if their last name isn’t Grobstein they probably have no idea.

For those who don’t know, Richard Dotson helped lead the 1983 White Sox to one of the most successful seasons in White Sox history. With his help the White Sox won 99 games that year and came very close to a World Series appearance….  Murray.. wince…  Richard Dotson will always be remembered here but his baseball card, his national fame, his commercial identity will never be what it would have been if he was with the Yankees or the Cube during his prime.
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Mapping Your Record Store Day Route

An overhead view of the Morgan Park Academy on 111th Street

Beverly Records has been a fixture in the Morgan Park neighborhood since 1967 and being proud of our neighborhood we encourage you to spend a few hours checking out all of the sites.

And the best way to truly experience Morgan Park is on a bike. Even if you do not live close by, Metra and the CTA are bike friendly on the weekends so don’t be afraid to oil up that chain on Record Store Day!
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Western Ave, 1980

The year is 1908, err.. 1980, and the cold war is at its peak. Beverly Records has been in a fierce battle with Beverly Costumes over parking rights on 116th street. Back in 1980 we settled the score a little differently than how we do these days.

Yep, a good ole fashioned bowling tournament at Evergreen Towers.  Bowling in 1980 took skill, you had to drink beer out of a can with a tab while staying just sober enough to not make any math mistakes on the manual scorer’s table.

Luckily this footage was saved. So grab some corn and have a look at life in Beverly in 1980. We went ahead and overdubbed most of the footage in Spanish for your convenience.

Check out Jack’s purple with wood trim ’77 Volare station wagon in the background.


Celebrating our 47th Year on Western Ave


Uncle George Dreznes Celebrates Record Store Day April 1978

The year was 1967, All hell was breaking loose as far as Christine “Mrs. Dee” Dreznes knew.  the television news was full of riots, revolution and war. So every day when John “Mr. Dee” Dreznes arrived home from work he heard all about riots, revolution and war at the dinner table.  In Mrs. Dee’s defense she had two draftable sons and one already signed up in ROTC so she had every right to worry.

The Original Bill of Sale for the Beverly Record Shop, May 1967

The Original Bill of Sale for the Beverly Record Shop, May 1967

Mr. Dee had to do something to get her mind off of this.  While driving down Western Ave in May 1967 he saw a for sale sign on a record and novelty business. “Eureka” He screamed. He pulled over and put $100 down to purchase the business.  So what in the world is an engineer for United Air Cleaner supposed to with a record shop?  Give it to his wife of course! No one really remembers that initial conversation around the dinner table the night Mr. Dee came home with the deed to a record shop, but Mrs. Dee, who was literally born on Western Ave in her Mother’s tavern, Josephine’s at 66th & Western, took to the business like a bear to honey.

So Mrs. Dee went to the shop everyday and ran her business the only way she knew how, like a tavern. She had no liquor to sell but did have a stockpile of old records. While the kids were watching Wizzo the Clown perform magic on Saturday Mornings in the novelty room, the adults sat at the counter and listened to old records. And back in 1967 old records were REALLY old, 78s from the 20s and 30s mostly. Soon bar stools were at the counter and regulars started popping in, not to buy anything, just to hang out. By 1974 Beverly Records & Novelties was the place to go to find rare and hard-to-find records.

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Beverly Morgan Park | What’s for lunch?

One of our favorite things about Record Store Day is the sliders.  jack normally shows up with two 100 packs of White Castles to feed all of the RSD faithful.  But not everyone loves sliders the way we do, so what if you made the journey to Beverly and would like to try something else for breakfast lunch or dinner after a long day of shopping.  Below are our recommendations:

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Where The Heck is Beverly? Err… Morgan Park

morgan park

With Record Store Day 2014 just around the corner, our phone is already ringing off the hook.  The conversation normally goes like this, “Will you have DMB?”  “maybe…” “Cool, how long is the bus trip down Western from Wicker Park?” “Pack a lunch…”

We understand Beverly/Morgan Park is a little off the beaten path.  That should not dissuade you from making the journey. Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you a a few recommendations on where to eat, what to see, and things to do once you made the journey to one of Chicago’s hidden gems.

Today we will give you a few recommendations on how to get here, but before we do that, many of you are asking why is it called Beverly Records if you are located in Morgan Park? What’s up with that??

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