Southside Brew & View for Special Olympics

“Record Store Day” week will kick off once again at our favorite bar, The Rock Island Public House- Blue Island. TheRIPH will be hosting a showing of the official movie of Record Store Day 2015, Records Collecting Dust, …a documentary film about the music and records that changed all of our lives. This is also a great opportunity raise money and awareness for Special Olympics – Illinois. So in lieu of ticket sales we will be collecting donations at the door, 100% of which will be given to Special Olympics.

Written and directed by San Diego based musician and filmmaker Jason Blackmore, Records Collecting Dust documents the vinyl record collections, origins, and holy grails of alternative music icons Jello Biafra, Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, John Reis, and over thirty other underground music comrades.

And what better venue for the underground music scene than The Rock Island Public House?  In it’s very short short time on earth, TheRIPH has become the South Side’s official tap room for craft beers from across the Region.

On Thursday April 16, at 8:00 PM they will clear out the tables, and transform this formal civil war era flour mill/tap room, into a movie theater for vinyl junkies like all of us.

100% of the door collection will be donated to Special Olympics -Illinois. so bring some extra cash for the kids.

Records Collecting Dust Official Showing
Brew & View for Special Olympics
The Rock Island Public House
Thursday, April 16 – 8:00 PM
13328 Old Western Ave, Blue Island

Western Ave, 1980

The year is 1908, err.. 1980, and the cold war is at its peak. Beverly Records has been in a fierce battle with Beverly Costumes over parking rights on 116th street. Back in 1980 we settled the score a little differently than how we do these days.

Yep, a good ole fashioned bowling tournament at Evergreen Towers.  Bowling in 1980 took skill, you had to drink beer out of a can with a tab while staying just sober enough to not make any math mistakes on the manual scorer’s table.

Luckily this footage was saved. So grab some corn and have a look at life in Beverly in 1980. We went ahead and overdubbed most of the footage in Spanish for your convenience.

Check out Jack’s purple with wood trim ’77 Volare station wagon in the background.


Record Store Day Overstock

RSD Overstock

Best Record Store Day Ever
But we have stuff left!

Thank you everyone for making Record Store Day 2014 our best one day sale ever!  We can not do this without your support and we sincerely appreciate your support.  The good news is for those who could not make it out, we still have a few items left.  Check out our online overstock here or stop by!

7" Vinyl 45 Singles

12" Vinyl LPs

Reissued Classics

Beverly Records Welcomes Wail’n Waylon

wayln-waylon-2009-finalGood customer “Midlothian Scotty” has been coming to Beverly Records since the late 70s. He was always a big fan of Samantha Fox, in fact we kept an entire bin of Samantha Fox collectors items around just for him to browse. But no one, not even Scotty had any idea what would happen to him on that February day back in 2002.

From my pen to God’s ears he was wakened from a deep sleep with a premonition of Waylon Jennings’ passing. The force of this mysterious power took over his body and some say he received the Mighty Waylon’s spirit.  Like anybody, Scotty was a fan of Outlaw Country but didn’t really understand it.  When Waylon died, everything changed. He not only understood Outlaw Country he began to live it.

Scotty soon grew his hair like those people in Dallas, threw on a cowboy hat and there he was, a spitting image of Midnight Country himself.  He also found his voice, a voice none would argue sounds like Waylon Jennings.  Wail’n soon started making the karaoke circuit in the south suburbs and even has his gold microphone behind the bar at Dan D Jacks in Orland Hills ready to go whenever he get the notion to sing.

One night back in 2005 I was out drinking with Wail’n on the North Side at a bar called Howl at the Moon.  The place was packed, far more people than Wail’n was used to playing on stage for at Mickadoon’s.  Wail’n had no intent to upstage the piano duo performing for the hundreds in attendance.  But the crowd was buzzing and started to gather around, getting autographs, snapping selfies, and shaking hands with Wail’n.  Soon the piano duo took notice and invited not Wail’n on stage but the Legendary Waylon Jennings on stage.

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Thank You For Coming!

da-greens-brothersWe handed the store over to “The Official Greeters to the World,” Da Greens Brothers on Sunday to help raise money for the Beverly Arts Center.  Da Greens Brothers are most famous for their appearances at Old Comiskey, New Comiskey, U.S. Cellular Field, and the South Side Irish Parade.

In an effort to help save the Beverly Arts Center they came out as guest managers to help Beverly Records customers. The numbers aren’t in yet but the day looks to be a great success.  The Beverly Records family is proud to help our neighbors through grass roots efforts. Please, support your local Arts Center!

B-Y-O-V Record Store Day After Party

Fellow vinyl nuts, the Rock Island Public House in Blue Island is hosting a Record Store Day After party Saturday NIght, April 19th.  DJs will be on hand spinning wax till the early morning.  Festivities start at 8:00 PM

Drink for a discount

When you bring in a receipt from ANY record store dated April 19th you will receive $1.00 off your drink.


The DJs at the RIPH not only take requests, THEY PLAY YOUR RECORDS!.  Bring Your Own Vinyl and the DJs may play your selections. Of course music from your collection is limited to only good stuff, so there’s that…

We will all be worn out from a hard day of browsing so what better place to relax then a night out with the Record Store Day faithful. See you at 8!

The Rock Island Public House is conveniently located at :

13328 Olde Western Ave
Blue Island, Ill. 60406

We’re On A Mission From God

Let The #RSD14 Celebrations Begin with supporting the Beverly Arts Center

bac challenge poster

When our neighbor, The Beverly Arts Center asked if we would like to participate in a fundraiser to help them stay in their building, we jumped at the chance to help.  So Beverly Records, along with the help of Da Greens Brothers,  have dedicated  April 13 as BAC Challenge Day and kickoff for RSD14 Celebrations.

Beverly Records is donating half of our sales on Palm Sunday to help the Beverly Arts Center reach it’s goal of paying off their $2 million dollar mortgage through grass roots donations.  This means we need your help!  Come in on Sunday April 13th and buy some vinyl, cassette tapes, 8-tracks, 45s, LPs, 78s, T-shirts, piano rolls, WLS surveys, or even Gulp.. CDs and know that not only will you be leaving with some great music, you will also be supporting your local arts center.

Sunday April 13 is also your chance to come in and our official kickoff to Record Store Day 2014 week celebrations.  Da Greens Brothers themselves may even be on here as Official Greeters! More information about our full schedule of RSD14 events will be coming to you as we get closer to April 19 so stay tuned!

All of us at Beverly Records consider Beverly/Morgan Park home since we have been unlocking that door on 116th & Western every morning since 1967. We are proud to support our neighbors.  The BAC Challenge is our opportunity to do that. So Please come out and help.

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