Top 12 Live Music Dollar Bin Finds paired with Alcohol

Top 12 Live Music Dollar Bin Finds paired with Alcohol

One of the questions we get asked a lot is “How do I collect records?”  Seems like a silly question at first but then we thought about it. With so many genres and so many things to look for how does a person new to collecting vinyl get started without spending a bunch of money?  There are all kinds of ways to collect; genre, label, artist or maybe you just like the artwork. But like anything collecting records takes practice. Dollar record bins are a great place to start, they are everywhere; Swap-O-Rama, garage sales, Goodwill, your parent’s attic, by the front door at Beverly Records and of course at Record Fair III on NOV 25!


“So how do record stores decide what goes in the dollar bins, is it just junk?” You are probably asking. Not necessarily. A record that sold in huuuge quantities might make it to the dollar bin if it is pretty beat up, but for the most part dollar bin records are albums that never sold well to begin with. And after sitting months, sometimes years unsold in the regular stock, a record store may go through and pull the unsold to make room for more popular titles. Dollar bin records are usually in good shape because they were played once or twice then tossed away as an after thought.

“If they didn’t sell for years, how can they be any good?” Of course they are good.. they are good because they contain a lot of music from artists you may like but songs you never hear OR songs you like by artists you never heard of. Either way for an investment of $2 you could take the chance and maybe find something really good.

Now through Black Friday Record Store Day we will be putting out lists to help you in your dollar bin searches. Titles that we have found through the years that have great songs and are always in the dollar bins…

First up – Live Albums

Live albums became very popular in the 70’s when bands starting signing multi-year multi album deals where they were required to put out x amount of albums over the course of x amount of years. If they didn’t have any new material and a deadline was approaching they put out a Live Album. This genre is a notorious dollar bin records because they don’t contain original songs and are sometimes poorly recorded. But there are good, maybe great recordings on these records. These were performers, who took the audience for a 2 hour ride during a time when concerts were a free for all. These albums have a way of taking you back to the exact time, whether it’s though the dialog before or after a song or the way the instruments are being played live on stage.

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