Record Store Day Bike Route Pt. II

Beverly Records is always trying to take care of our biking vinyl lovers. In fact, our recent post about biking to Record Store Day received more attention than we ever though possible. Jack even thought it was good!

The only complaint was; Why did we make the route so short? Well if you don’t have much to do after you pick up the latest Bee Gees 12″ or Foo Fighters new album then this is the route home for you.

Biking around Beverly and Morgan Park during the spring is a spectacular way to spend a Saturday. #alliteration  This route for Record Store Day starts at the 119th St Metra Stop heading west on 119th st will take you past the mid century home of Al Capone’s driver. The house is for sale BTW and rumor has it, there is an escape tunnel that leads to the house next door in case The Fuzz shows up…

bike rackOnce you get to our home on Western Ave, you will find plenty of bike parking on our popular rack and street light. We will have candy, snacks, refreshments and even some live entertainment so we encourage you to spend a few hours with us on Saturday April 18.

If you are like us and prefer to take the long way home, continue on our bike route to the campus of Morgan Park Academy. This beautiful high school was almost home to the University of Chicago, The University founder, John D. Rockefeller loved the Morgan Park area so much that it came down to coin flip as to where he would locate the University.  The coin flip ended very well for Hyde Park and Morgan Park got to keep our open spaces.
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Southside Brew & View for Special Olympics

“Record Store Day” week will kick off once again at our favorite bar, The Rock Island Public House- Blue Island. TheRIPH will be hosting a showing of the official movie of Record Store Day 2015, Records Collecting Dust, …a documentary film about the music and records that changed all of our lives. This is also a great opportunity raise money and awareness for Special Olympics – Illinois. So in lieu of ticket sales we will be collecting donations at the door, 100% of which will be given to Special Olympics.

Written and directed by San Diego based musician and filmmaker Jason Blackmore, Records Collecting Dust documents the vinyl record collections, origins, and holy grails of alternative music icons Jello Biafra, Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, John Reis, and over thirty other underground music comrades.

And what better venue for the underground music scene than The Rock Island Public House?  In it’s very short short time on earth, TheRIPH has become the South Side’s official tap room for craft beers from across the Region.

On Thursday April 16, at 8:00 PM they will clear out the tables, and transform this formal civil war era flour mill/tap room, into a movie theater for vinyl junkies like all of us.

100% of the door collection will be donated to Special Olympics -Illinois. so bring some extra cash for the kids.

Records Collecting Dust Official Showing
Brew & View for Special Olympics
The Rock Island Public House
Thursday, April 16 – 8:00 PM
13328 Old Western Ave, Blue Island

Walter Burley Griffin | An Historic Review of Beverly Homes

walter burley griffinDo you remember Richard Dotson? If you grew up on the South Side the answer is, “Duh…, Yeah!” but ask anyone else and if their last name isn’t Grobstein they probably have no idea.

For those who don’t know, Richard Dotson helped lead the 1983 White Sox to one of the most successful seasons in White Sox history. With his help the White Sox won 99 games that year and came very close to a World Series appearance….  Murray.. wince…  Richard Dotson will always be remembered here but his baseball card, his national fame, his commercial identity will never be what it would have been if he was with the Yankees or the Cube during his prime.
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Garage Rock Deserves A Garage Record Player


Picture this: A perfect Wednesday afternoon right about sunset, it’s warm but not too warm, the wind is blowing through your hair. The sound of the Ferrari you are driving is more and more hypnotizing with every down shift

Mountains on the left, the ocean on the right and your destination is just ahead. As you pull up to the gate you get the wave from Jim the Security Guard. You talk about what a great season the White Sox had last year for a few minutes before driving up to the Villa that your friend from college bought a few years back.

You hear the youthful voices and splashes by the pool as you walk up to the main entrance. Your friend’s butler, Wilson, meets you at the doorway with a Miller Lite in a can; cause that happens to be how you prefer your beer. You are greeted by your college buddy, talk for a few minutes about nothing in particular then he says “Hey check this out!”

You take the elevator down to the garage that happens to be an exact replica of Tony Stark’s from that movie. Your buddy pulls out a pristine first pressing of Quadrephenia and the fun begins.
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