Beverly Morgan Park | What’s for lunch?

One of our favorite things about Record Store Day is the sliders.  jack normally shows up with two 100 packs of White Castles to feed all of the RSD faithful.  But not everyone loves sliders the way we do, so what if you made the journey to Beverly and would like to try something else for breakfast lunch or dinner after a long day of shopping.  Below are our recommendations:

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What are you doing RSD?

Record Store Day has been a huge success over the past 7 years.  It is hard to imagine that the little flyer and poster we got in the mail back in 2007 was a pre-cursor to this international celebration we all treasure.

But even RSD has it’s critics. About two years ago we started to see common dollar records being released as 180g restored classics priced at $34.99.  The pinnacle of ridiculous  was the RSD exclusive release of “the Gambler.” “If we haven’t sold a Kenny Rogers album all year for $5.98, why? or better, who? is going to pay $34.99?” We asked ourselves. The critics grabbed hold of these reissued common classics to prove their point that the vinyl revival
had run its course.

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What if Buddy Holly Didn’t Die?

If Buddy Holly never died Gary Busey would have never been famous

After reading this interesting alternate history where there wasn’t a plane crash and Buddy Holly never died we got to thinking of our own scenarios. Remember when Marty McFly started to disappear because history was altered?  Try to imagine a world where Buddy Holly lived past his 22nd birthday.

Would the Beatles have ever become popular?

The artists of the British Invasion grew up on Buddy’s music, it is more likely that the Beatles would have even been more popular if Buddy Holly was around to mentor them.

How would Buddy have adopted to the music revolution of the late 60’s?  

It is most likely Buddy would have joined the country scene of Waylon, Christopherson, Willie, Johnny, Merle, and Glen.  Buddy probably would have been able to lead a country charge against the Beach Boys, Hendrix and the Beatles.

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How TO Clean Vinyl Records

Your record collection is a member of your family and, for the most part, has been in your life longer than your husband and/or wife(s).  You keep them out of harms way, order them, reorder them, then catalog them. So what is the best way to care for them?

Remember that commercial “When EF Hutton speaks, people listen”?  When someone asks us at the counter “How do I clean my records?” The shop usually goes silent and we explain to grab a soft, clean towel, a soft toothbrush, warm water, and mild dish soap. Be careful not to get water on the label, as some labels’ coloring runs when water touches them. VeeJay is notorious for this, but many others stain to one extent or another. Using a spray bottle, get  the vinyl wet, then soap it with the toothbrush, rinse rinse rinse rinse (seriously 3 times), and dry with the towel.

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An RSD Exclusive!

peanuts tuntablepeanuts tuntable2


We always wanted one of these Charlie Brown record players when they first came out. Didn’t get one, but that was the 80s way. Kids never got what they wanted back then. I specifically remember being 10 years old and walking into the Toys-R-Us and seeing this marvelous creation in front of my eyes with a price tag of, gulp.. $32.99.  I pointed out to my Dad. He looked at it, looked at the price, then looked at me and told me to “Get a job.”

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Where The Heck is Beverly? Err… Morgan Park

morgan park

With Record Store Day 2014 just around the corner, our phone is already ringing off the hook.  The conversation normally goes like this, “Will you have DMB?”  “maybe…” “Cool, how long is the bus trip down Western from Wicker Park?” “Pack a lunch…”

We understand Beverly/Morgan Park is a little off the beaten path.  That should not dissuade you from making the journey. Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you a a few recommendations on where to eat, what to see, and things to do once you made the journey to one of Chicago’s hidden gems.

Today we will give you a few recommendations on how to get here, but before we do that, many of you are asking why is it called Beverly Records if you are located in Morgan Park? What’s up with that??

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We’re On A Mission From God

Let The #RSD14 Celebrations Begin with supporting the Beverly Arts Center

bac challenge poster

When our neighbor, The Beverly Arts Center asked if we would like to participate in a fundraiser to help them stay in their building, we jumped at the chance to help.  So Beverly Records, along with the help of Da Greens Brothers,  have dedicated  April 13 as BAC Challenge Day and kickoff for RSD14 Celebrations.

Beverly Records is donating half of our sales on Palm Sunday to help the Beverly Arts Center reach it’s goal of paying off their $2 million dollar mortgage through grass roots donations.  This means we need your help!  Come in on Sunday April 13th and buy some vinyl, cassette tapes, 8-tracks, 45s, LPs, 78s, T-shirts, piano rolls, WLS surveys, or even Gulp.. CDs and know that not only will you be leaving with some great music, you will also be supporting your local arts center.

Sunday April 13 is also your chance to come in and our official kickoff to Record Store Day 2014 week celebrations.  Da Greens Brothers themselves may even be on here as Official Greeters! More information about our full schedule of RSD14 events will be coming to you as we get closer to April 19 so stay tuned!

All of us at Beverly Records consider Beverly/Morgan Park home since we have been unlocking that door on 116th & Western every morning since 1967. We are proud to support our neighbors.  The BAC Challenge is our opportunity to do that. So Please come out and help.

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